How to Setup Mountain Bike in Home – 10 Best Bikes

It must be very easy to buy a bike from the showroom or even by just sitting at home placing an order online. But you must have never had an idea that you should be going for the maintenance, once you got into the trail. However taking the bike to the showroom for service after every single day is not possible. You can simply get a regular maintenance just within your workshop. All you need to do is have a set of equipment; it is also very essential and easy to maintain at home.

If you are all a newbie with the mountain bike, you don’t need to be worrying, as I will be sharing you with some of the tips that will certainly help you to improve setup of your best mountain bikes. This process will either help you to save money as well it will be saving your precious time.

5 Best Mountain Bikes:

#Take Care of your Chain Often:  The most basic that you need to keep in mind is that you do need to keep a constant check on your chain. It is also very necessary that you do keep the chain clean along with the well lubes as that will prevent from all types of drivetrain wear and rusting. Make sure that you do keep a constant check on  chain, because the more you get into muddy condition, the more is required for the maintenance.

#Adjusting Gears: Make sure that you also go through the gear shifting pattern, because sometimes due to constant ride the gears skip instead of shifting from pattern to pattern. However, it has been noticed that the gears on the cheaper bikes do not do well in shifting gears in comparison to the expensive bike. While you are at the workshop, make sure that you do adjust your gears. You can also go checking the gear cable, as it can also cause an issue due to dirt, rust and so on. Try adding some lubricants into the wired cable for better play.

#Replace the Plastic Pedals: You must have already come across that most of the basic bike comes with the plastic pedals, as those are not good for the professionals. Make sure that you get the pedals made up of metal for the better performance.

#Check the tyres: If we do speak out about the traction on the ground surface, tyre pressure is one of the important things that you need to notice. However, it has been noticed that most of the bikes come with the best tyres. But that doesn’t mean that it will suit to your local road condition. So, you need to assume that what sort of tyre you need on your bike for better performance.

#Handlebar setting: You will also need to do a setting on your handlebar so that it suits you for a better performance.

#Chainstay Protector: Fitting the Chainstay protector will genuinely save your frame paint and also reduce the sound in the metal.  Make sure that you go through the check.

This is the few tips for maintaining mountain bike at home, as this will also save your valuable time and money. If you own a mountain bike, just go through these instructions. This will help you to enjoy your ride eventually.