Circular economy | closing the loop of cut-down city-trees

Other initiatives around the world feel the same way


Products from Dutch/Haarlem’s cut-down trees.

“Nederlands Hout” uses cut-down Dutch trees a resource for furniture-making, building etc. By making products from Dutch cut-down trees, we prevent our trees from being shredded as “waste”!

We make products mostly from Haarlem’s city-trees; from trees in our own city. That were taken down after storm damage, or because they had to make place for new buildings or roads, etc.

Pay a visit to our atelier (and other “green entrepreneurs”) in Haarlem’s city-park “de Haarlemmer Kweektuin”

Tourists are most welcome to visit our atelier in “de Haarlemmer Kweektuin”, a beautiful city-park with a cafe and other “green entrepreneurs”, and learn more about the how and why (circular economy!) of our company. Come and have a look at our hand-made tables, cutting-boards etc., and see how we process our wood in our wood-drying kiln, etc.

Souvenirs made from Haarlem’s city-trees

Take a beautiful piece of Haarlem-tree home with you to remind you of your stay in Haarlem, or as present for family and friends at home! For example a “Haarlems Hout” cutting-board, a set of coasters, a set of wooden magnets, a wooden key ring, etc!

Pay a visit to Haarlem’s sawmill “De Eenhoorn”

Don’t forget to also pay a visit, on a Saturday afternoon, to “our” Haarlem sawmill, “De Eenhoorn”, in Schalkwijk!

More information on closing the loop of productcycles/circular economy

Please see the website of the Ellen McArthur Foundation, or of the European Union:

Een tapasplank of tafelblad, van hout uit eigen stad!